This body of work is an investigation of the relationship between the tangible and intangible moments

in the context of everyday life experience; where the tangible refers to moments taking place in the physical

environment and the intangible refers to the subjectivity associated with thought.  In this body of work, I am

using light and dark as a representation for the two-sided nature of experience, where light is tangible and

the dark intangible.  Pictorially and spatially, the light and dark have a cosignificant relationship, just as the

tangible and intangible are reliant on each other to inform experience. 


My process involves recording places that I am familiar with or that I interact with in my daily routines,

such as a commute from one point to another or simply walking through my neighborhood.  Through my

process, I have found that it is during these times that the relationship between the tangible and intangible

is most evident.  Singular moments in the physical space seem to punctuate and interrupt engagement in

thought.  In these paintings, it is not my intention to favor one aspect over the other, but instead to place

equal significance on both.